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Zone Esports is making it’s mark on the esports landscape! Not only are we bringing in quality talent for our teams, but we also have a fantastic group of content creators within the organization. Zone doesn’t just want to make progress in esports — we want to be a pillar in the community and bring gaming to as many people as we can in the greater Los Angeles area. We hope that you will join us in our endeavors. 

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We at ZoneGG are so honored to have been showcased on a written piece from Brent Page and Reese Stiller were interviewed in this piece. We would like to thank Sara Green who wrote the article — we would also like to thank Mr. Morales, who is the President of GamingLyfe. This was Zone’s first...
Welcome to Zone’s newly launched website. We will be adding news and posts here often. Thanks!
Last night Zone CS:GO faced IdentityDisorder in a very one sided match! Zone is currently sitting at 9-1 in ESEA Advanced League play. Zone has been playing with a chip on their shoulder and it will only get tougher as the season goes on. The team synergy is great and the community is predicting they...