We’d like to welcome Aullora to our stream team! She is incredibly funny and she loves to talk to her chat and really get to know them.

    Aullora started gaming from a very early age with an old school gameboy and some good ole Pokeman games. After that she evolved and moved in to N64, and from there in to PS2 and Xbox. At 10 years old she started playing PC games when World Of Warcraft was released. She sunk a ton of time in to that as I’m sure most of us did LOL! Her first taste of a MOBA was with League of Legends in 2017 and from there she moved on to play Heroes of the Storm and was in love with the game. Her streams revolve mostly around HotS, but you can also catch her playing other games from time to time if she wants to switch it up!

    Aullora has played about every type of game there is to play. She has gone to school for Computer Science and looks forward to the day when she can make her very own game.

    We are so pleased that Aullora has come on to the stream team and we absolutely adore her personality and stream. If you hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing her stream please get over to see her and take part in what you will surely find to be a fantastic place to relax and laugh with a great person.