Ezdul is a 28 year old streamer from the distant lands of Bulgaria. From speed-running Ninja Gaiden on the NES in his youth to achieving high ranks in any multiplayer game that he has ever played, Ezdul is a competitive player at heart.

    Ezdul has had a passion for sports from an early age. Classic wrestling, volleyball, track and field and heavy duty workouts shaped him into a persistent and disciplined individual who always speaks his mind with objectivity and rationality. And yet, he still pokes fun at the inconsistencies of triple A developers, always taking constructive criticism to heart amidst healthy debates.

    Currently Ezdul’s channel focuses primarily on streaming Heroes of the Storm, playing as a super-flex with mastery of almost all heroes in the game. He has won multiple local and online tournaments in Counter-Strike 1.5 and 1.6, qualified for the Dota 1 ESL back in the old Garena days, hit high Diamond 1 in League of Legends before the introduction of the Master Tier(and Diamond in SC2 before the introduction of Master) and became a multi-season top 20 Grandmaster in Heroes of the Storm. He’s achieved a lot in his life and always strives to improve and perfect himself in whatever endeavor he undertakes.

    One might say Ezdul is a “Jack of all Trades”, as his stream is a healthy potpourri of anything interesting or captivating you might on Twitch: high level of gameplay, interactive/entertaining/educational/insightful/analytical chatter, art and drawing in between queue times, and intellectually stimulating discussions of different facets of life. His stream is a haven for those who seek more than just “someone who plays a game”.