Glogan hails from Pittsburgh, PA — he’s a fantastic Heroes of the Storm player and has worked hard to become a partnered streamer on Twitch. He didn’t start his gaming adventures in MOBAS (he started with playing World of Warcraft but fell into the HotS scene due to friends). Initially he hated HotS but it was love at first sight when he discovered the hero Gazlowe.

    In HotS, he has been a top 100 GM every season and his mastery of wacky off meta heroes has been his specialty. Last year he decided to join up with four others in the open division which was the official lower entry in to the pro scene of HotS. Not only was he on a Top Four team, but he played as the offlane role, composed of heroes like Malthael, Dehaka, Rag and Sonya (bruisers in general). He’s solo queue most of the time, but enjoys participating in team league with viewers and friends. If you catch his stream, don’t be afraid to ask to join in!

    Outside of streaming Glogan is very conscious of family and takes his responsibilities very seriously. Unfortunately his uncle is paralyzed and any spare time is spent aiding him with his daily life. We here at Zone think that makes Glogan an extremely fantastic human and we love that he shares the values that embody what we are all about — making sure your loved ones are cared for and embracing those around you.