Harmonies plays mostly Destiny 2 and streams from her PS4.

    When she was growing up, she would play games with her brother on the Sega Genesis and NES (i.e. Sonic The Hedgehog and Donkey Kong) and that experience helped build her excitement for gaming. She left gaming for a while but rediscovered it when watching a friend play Bioshock — she loved the way the game looked visually and couldn’t help herself from jumping back in. It wasn’t too long after that she bought an xBox and Bioshock Infinite and truly rejoined the gaming community, eventually discovering Black Ops 2, which kicked off her love of FPS (and online games in general). After playing Black Ops 2 for more than a year straight, she switched gears and set her sights on Destiny, at which time she began streaming and explored the journey of being a content creator.

    Harmonies has been streaming for 3 years and mainly focuses on the Destiny franchise of games. She is heavily involved with Destiny 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3, so if you’re a fan of either title you should definitely stop by her stream to see her play. She loves interacting with her viewers as well as talking to new people in the chat. She makes a serious effort to learn all of the people watching her — she really cares for each and every person and treats everyone as if they’ve been friends for years. Harmonies has been with the stream team for a very long time and we look for forward to having her with us for years to come!