First and foremost, Honey is one of the nicest humans we have ever come across here at Zone. She truly wants the best for others and will always reach out to anyone with a friendly message.

    Honiebae is a very skilled MOBA player with lots of experience playing games like League of Legends (which started her off and helped her get into a fantastic title in Heroes of the Storm) and she also has a real passion for Battle Royale games such as Apex Legends. If she isn’t streaming either of those two genres, you can catch her giving her Sims makeovers in Sims 4 and creating very unique storylines.

    We are so thankful for Honey and all the passion she has brought to Zone. We appreciate her every day and hope that we can continue to help her meet her goals as a content creator and as an individual. If you’re looking for a lively and energy-laden stream, please look no further as Honey has everything and more! Go check her out below and don’t be shy to say hello to her on our Discord!