Kenu is a 21-Year-old streamer from Toronto, Canada. He enjoys first person shooters and a host of other games. He could be described as a variety streamer but, his favorite games to play are league of legends and apex legends.

    He has played CSGO Professionally and has about 10K plus hours in CSGO and other CS Games combined. He has competed in CS tournaments as Entry-Frager when he was a Pro in CSGO, but now he is focusing on creating good content.

    Kenu enjoys playing with his supporters in a multitude of games. His current goal is to become a partnered twitch streamer and grow with the following he has amassed and he wants to bring great content to everyone. All the support he gets from streaming goes into creating better content by getting better equipment, and games.

    Kenu is also a physique athlete(body-builder) / fitness enthusiast who does a lot of prep work for shows. If you’re one of his supporters you will see his physique change during the year. That is because he does a lot of dieting and prep work for physique shows.

    Travelling to different places in Canada and also outside of that is a major interest of Kenu’s. With his busy schedule as a software engineering student he does his best to stream regularly, and with the support of his community and Zone Esports hopefully full-time. If you see him live on our StreamTeamPage please drop by and give him a follow. Feel free to start up a conversation about fitness and dieting as he is passionate about it.