Kyle (GHAngeloid) is a 21 year old from New Jersey who has a strong fascination for rhythm games. He focuses heavily on osu! and is an unstoppable force at the game. He also enjoys playing Clone Hero and single player games and creating podcasts with his community. In osu!, he reached peaks like top 250 global and placed as high as #32 in the United States. Before live-streaming, he was involved with the Guitar Hero console community and was a participant in several YouTube videos.

    Kyle has competed in several tournaments throughout his osu! career. His notable achievements include Top 8 in a 2016 1v1 USA tournament and 4th place in United States Cup in 2017 (as part of a team of New Jersey players). Recently, he retired from competition and focuses more on casual play and encouraging newcomers to enjoy the many-layered aspects of the game.

    In recent months, Kyle’s YouTube channel has experienced massive growth. As of February 2019, the two videos that have put him on the map are “Soulless 4 but it’s on osu! standard” with over 138,000 views and “RAISE MY SWORD” with over 14,000 views. He continues to upload content from his livestreams (which separates him from most of the competition).

    Outside of gaming, Kyle works as a Stream Manager for Rutgers Esports. He controls all of the organization’s livestreams throughout the semesters in a professional environment and offered them a Discord ChatBot and as well as live event troubleshooting knowledge and software.